5 septembrie 2010

eu, preotul şi cântăreţii

ora 7.00
casa de cultură

da... MUZICĂ!

mărunţică, săltăreaţă

eu, preotul şi câţiva căntăreţi aburinzi (poposiţi direct de la o nuntă)


3 comentarii:

  1. Hello Aurelia. First of all i don't know if you speak english, but if you do, i just wanted to say that i love your poems and you writings. I came to your blog by accident, and i read it (with the translator obviously, so i think that your poems are so superior in your natural language). I've been visiting your blog since that first time (about two months ago).

    Well, i hope you can read this and please accept my humble and sincere admiration of your poems. See you soon.

  2. Hi Saturnino,
    I am surprised by your message. I am just wondering how and why did you find/choose my blog, among so many other poetic blogs. Thank you again for your interest.


  3. Hi again Aurelia. Well i came to your blog because in that time i was reading a mexican writer (i am mexican but for now i'm living in Argentina) and he was living in Poland for several years, so he writes a lot about polish, rumanian and hungarian writers and poets. So i got interested and i wandered around in the web and i got to your blog.

    I liked your name because it reminded me of a song that i liked when i was a teenager so i began to read your posts and i found'em very interesting.

    Maybe in some other time (and only if this not imply some botherness to you) you can recommend me some rumanian poets and writers.

    Thank you for been so kind to answer me in the first place.